About Us

The History

When I was 19, I was given my first leadership role at a summer camp in Potosi, Missouri. It was the first time I felt the impact I could have on others through of encouragement, consistency and integrity. This experience gave me confidence I never realised I could have.

10 years, four companies, and five management positions later, I am still drawn to the inner workings of leadership, management, and what an effective team’s influence has on the workers personal lives as well as the business.

What I have learned from my time in leadership and management is the more effort I put into my own personal development, self-awareness, and overall wellness journey, the bigger impact it has made in my career and realtionships at work.

From personal experience, I know how overwhelming it can be to be put in a leadership or management position without the support, or tools needed to successfully lead a team. I’m here to offer my experience and findings so it’s easier for those who are just starting out.

For me, it boils down to encouraging others.

This is why I love teaching, training, team building, and it’s why I love being a manager. To see a team cooperate, support, and grow together is an incredible thing to witness, and to be able to encourage that process not only fulfils me , motivates those around me, but also helps the business I work for. 

By continuing to learn and develop our own self-awareness and leadership skills, we give permission to our team and those working with us to do the same. Being able to submit yourself to new knowledge, and being humble enough to accept the need for growth sends a powerful message to those around us. It says, I am not a finished product, and I want to be better. To have the humility to admit that to those who may look up to us or see us on a pedestal that is held up by titles, salary and invisible constructs, brings us closer to those we wish to lead. It humanises us. It shows them that the truth we all are seeking, lies within.